Red Collar Aviary

Solomon Island Eclectus Parrots

Our Aviary

Hand Raised Hand fed Solomon Island Eclectus from our family to yours.

We are a small home based aviary and have only two breeding pairs that are our pets first. We only have a handful of babies a year and areable to give them all our time and attention. They are raised in our smoke free home and have seen everything! Dogs, cats, vacuum cleaners and a LOT of tv!


We have a camera in the nest box so we can see that the  babies crops are full without disturbing mom!




Dad takes a peek in on the baby - He knows he has to eat for four now!


We DNA disease test one clutch per year for Psittacosis, Pacheco's, Avian Polyoma Virus and Psittascine Beak and Feather Disease.

We leave the babies with mom and dad for at least three weeks and then pull them for handfeeding at that time. We use a syringe at first, which helps a lot in their adult life if they ever needed any medication and then transition to a offering formula and some pureed soft foods with a spoon. Our babies are abundance weaned on fresh vegetables and fruit, good quality seeds and a small handful of Roudybush Pellets.

We feel that it is very important to allow birds to fledge and learn to fly really well before they go to their new homes. Learning to fly gives birds a certain confidence that allows them to be much more adjusted in their new homes. It seems to wire pathways in their brain that helps them with problem solving.

Our birds are close banded with our own with our aviary initials (RCA), the hatch year and a unique identifier number, these are registered with the Aviculture Advancement Council of Canada.